Let's Build Opportunities Together

We are grateful for your support in enabling us to help children and youth in the City of Manila who have the potential to become a swimmer but don’t have the opportunity to do so.

We desire to provide opportunities not only for the students, but also for the out-of-school youth who have a potential in the field of swimming.

There are 3 categories for Street Children from the social worker’s perspective:

  • Street-based are children living alone (either abandoned or runaways) and working in the street;
  • Children of street-based families are children living with their families as street-dwellers;
  • Community-based are children who work on the streets but return home daily to their families in the community; many of them receive formal school education.

By your willingness to help, you will build opportunity for these children. In being a Sponsor, you can be part of the child transformation towards a successful future!

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